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About Us

Epic Auto Reconditioning was created to help dealerships get their vehicles to the frontline faster! Our founder was the operating partner of one of the top internet and e-commerce stores in the nation for over a decade. During that time he created one of the most widely used Recon Software platforms. While working with hundreds of dealers, he realized that process software wasn’t the bottleneck for most dealerships; vendor management was.

After a successful acquisition exit, he turned his focus to the true problem. How to help dealerships with vendor management and labor shortage issues on the vehicle appearance side. Epic Recon was formed to completely remove the hassle and management time suck involved in wrangling vendors, shuffling vehicles, and losing money while trying to get your inventory to the frontline. 

We are one of you and understand your daily needs. Let us help you turn your Make Ready Process into a profit center. 


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